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In order for any business to succeed, it must be motivated to look ahead

and define the needs of the market. The business must not exclude any issues

which affect its livelihood. Keeping people safe has always been the number one priority of TSC.

 Description: 100_0370.JPGDescription: 100_0379.JPGTSC has invested a considerable amount of time in its safety program.

The end result is providing safe working environments.† Education,

training, standard operating procedures and documentation provide a

solid foundation in which protection for TSC and the customer is provided.

Following is how TSC provides this foundation

         Continuing Safety Education for Director of Safety

         Bi- Yearly and Annual Training of all TSC personnel in OSHA

General Industry (1910) and Construction Standards (1926)

         Standard Operating Procedures reviewed and Updated

         Description: DSC03924.JPGDescription: 100_0365.JPGSite Specific Health and Safety Plan



1.      Daily reports

2.      Incident Report / Accident Report

3.      Equipment Inspection Reports

4.      Air and Surface Environmental Testing Reports

5.      Hazardous Waste Disposal Manifests and Certificates

6.      Certificates of Safety Training including Hazardous Material Abatement


This documentation is given to the facility designated representative.† We work with facilities to determine the frequency of documentation needed. All the above documentation is presented to the facility as part of Deliverables to close a project.


Description: tsclogoTSC maintains all Safety Documentation for a period of no less than 30 years.


TSCís Safety Manual is available to the USPS upon request